Positive and Effective


Since 1996.1. Seoul, Korea

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Over 26 Years Philosophy

P&E Consulting, Inc. started a full-fledged executive service in Korea since 1996.1 under the philosophy of ‘Positive and Effective’ in serving our corporate clients in and out of Korea, early recognized for differentiated service excellence, certified/appointed for an ‘Outstanding company to support foreign investors in Recruiting field’ by Invest Korea in 2006, following by unchanged dedicated manner with highest ethical standards for domestic and global clients up to date.

Well-Shaped Service

Our service focus is to improve/create the competitive edge of our clients in the target market under the limited market environments. For this, P&E is equipped with highly professional consultants team composed of Koreans and foreigners offering maximized team-synergy effect, well-shaped to deliver 1:1 designed HR solutions with deep-insightful perspective, fundamentally to leverage our clients' business success.

Well-Vested Long-Term Partner

Our reputation for a ‘Long-term HR Partner’ was fully originated by our clients’ success and by their competitiveness in the target functional that we served. P&E provides trustful expertise for various industries and wide-ranged sectors for executive search, middle-level executives, top-tier professionals and specialists, as well as offering trainings, standing for clients' long-term business success domestically and globally. more...

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