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P&E CONSULTING, INC. is a leading Human Resources Consulting Company committed to the most positive & effective HR Solution for our worldwide clients in and out of Korea.

Executive Search
Middle Management Search
HR & Organization Consulting
Staff Training / C&B / Leadership Development
Market Research
President, CEO, CFO, CIO, COO, CCO, CMO, Chief Researcher
Finance Controller, Foreign Exchange Dealer, Accounting Manager, HR Director, Admin. Director
Planning & Strategy Director, Management Consultant, Corporate Auditor
Sales & Marketing Director/Manager, Computer Programmer, Operator, MIS
Sales Engineer, Research Engineer, System/Process Engineer
CAD, CAM, CAE Engineer, Graphic Designer, Art Director
Executive Secretary, Admin. Officer, etc.


Bank, Securities, Capital, Investment, Trust, AMC, Real Estate, CRC, Venture, Lease, Insurance, M&A, Asset Management, Private Equity, Project Financing, Syndication


Mechanical, Metallrugical, Mining, Electronic, Electrical, Mechatronic, Automotive, Space Aviation, Water, Air, Energy, Shipbuilding, Plant/Factory Automation, Motors, Architecture, Geo, HVAC, EPC & Plant engineering, Precision, etc.

Information Technology(IT):

IT and ICT; Semiconductor, LCD, Mobile, R&D, e-Business, Security, Hardware, Middleware, Software, System Integration, MIS, etc.

Chemical/ Bio-Chemical/ Medical/ Pharmaceutical:

Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Bio-chemical, Food ingredients, Medical, Medical Devices, Hospital, Energy Alternatives, Film, Gas, Oil, Cosmetic, Lubricant, Adhesives, Petro-Chemical, Polymer & Fluids, Paint, UV Coating, Metallurgical, Resin, Fluoro-Polymers, Textiles, etc.


Plant, Hotel/Resort/ Golf/ Forest/ Building/ Land Development, Real Estate

Consumers/F&B/ Services:

Food & Beverage, Food ingredients, Tea, Distribution & Logistics, Agricultural/ Aquaculture, Appliances, Cosmetics, Fashion, Accessories, Events, Forum/Conference/Exhibitions/Seminar


Import, Export, Triangle
Marketing, Advertisement, PR, IR, etc.
Management Consulting, Compliances, HR, Change Management
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